This is a poem I came up with 11 years ago,and was inspired by…you guessed it, Revelations. I must have been in quite the terrible mood when I wrote this.  Nonetheless, it is interesting to reread this poem and see how influenced I was by Christianity at this time in my life. Before I even got into Christianity, Genesis and Revelations were the only two books in the Bible I had read, which both equally fascinated me.  With Revelations, the vivid imagery of the final scenes of mankind made the story compelling and memorable.

Omega                         omega

Caustic vermin lurking in shadow’s light,
Quintessent labyrinth spoils our might,
Feeble creatures we bestow the land,
With gifts of indiscretion and reprimand,

Tiresome earth shall rebuke our acts,
Through misery and malady there’ll be no relax,
Earthquake, tornado, tidal wave, and flood,
There will be no refuge, the sky will rain down blood,

Bellowing barbarism will take hold of man,
Brother against brother no nation shall stand,
An echoing siren will ring long and loud,
Humanities hope: the mushroom cloud,

Famine, plague, murder and rape,
These are the rewards for humanity’s faith,
Callous virulence in everyman’s heart,
Blasphemy of God, we sunder apart,

Recalcitrant pigs, do ye not know the stakes?
Do ye prefer to slither as vile snakes?
Pompous and hubris is your pretentious display,
You creepith around in hidden dismay,

Dominion of deceit is your final abode,
Transgression and sin has made your soul erode
Loathsome heathens you live in your own wretchedness,
Indulging in hedonism because your powerless,

While the devil sleeps and lies in wait,
He’ll beckon your soul to become irate,
And just before the final release,
You’ll find in yourself the Mark of the Beast.