Here is a poem that I came up with back in September, 2005. I was 20 years-old at the time and in the midst of relationship angst. I was also swaying toward Christianity at the time as you’ll notice when I use the pronoun “Him”.

I had Sum 41’s “pieces” stuck in my head as I was writing it so it kinda goes along with it.

eye closed

By Kevin Crowley

Crouching and hiding
I search and I’m finding
That I’m alone in this cruel world.

Recourse has no power,
I shrink and I cower,
Of all the things I see unseen.

I’m paranoid of what could be,
This distance is killing me,
I wish I could be right by her side,
And share all the times of glee.

Contorted and disillusioned is my soul,
Never expected it’d be such a toll,
Can we please ignore the lust,
I yearn so bad just to trust.

My rock is a pebble
Brought up as a rebel
I turn my back away from Him

My vision is shattered,
I fall ‘till I splatter,
“Anything goes” is the mode I’m in.

I can’t believe what I can’t see,
Its hard enough to trust in me.
Please don’t leave me in your heart,
We won’t always be apart.